Monday, September 15, 2014

Cliff House by Modscape Australia

Just because Barbie doesnt interfere in the love life or business of her favorite Ken doesn't mean she doesn't care, it's really a man's choice dolls! Sometimes you have to trust that Ken knows what he wants. Barbie has no influence in such things, dolls! Now... Instead of meddling in his personal affairs Barbie simply prefers to suggest better ways Ken can improve himself such as with great design! She thinks there's always a cooler place to live. And there's nothing better than a house that is like something out of a James Bond film and quite daring! 

Cliff House by Modscape Australia

“A conceptual design, The Cliff House, a four storey home sits beneath a clifftop-level two car garage, virtually invisible from afar. As if in a James Bond film, the car is parked atop the sleek home where the user can enter through a discreet staircase leading to the space below. Once inside, users discover the panoramic views offered in each of the glass-encased spaces. The spaces are stacked to grow more private from top to bottom, with the kitchen stacked above the living room, stacked above the bedrooms, with a private terrace beneath. The modestly proportioned home includes a full kitchen, dining room, three bedrooms, two bathrooms including an ensuite, and a spa on the open air terrace.” ~ arch daily

Would you enjoy this daring cliff concept?

Barbie would & thinks you might too! 
Kisses, m.

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