Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Waterfront House By Michael Haverland

Plaid is sexy and placing it in combination with the skeleton of a house is quite Glamourous! Barbie knows that most of her favorite Dolls & Kens live for a great view of the ocean and she can't disagree! So it's probably wise to grab a bit of waterfront property for a Dreamhouse!

Waterfront House by Michael Haverland 

“Manhattan architect Michael Haverland has designed a house for a five-acre plot in The Springs, an area of East Hampton, New York. On the street-facing side, windowless plaid-textured walls made from cast-concrete block emphasize privacy. At the sides, as in the rear, the architecture opens up tall and wide.The 14-foot-high steel-framed glass walls and doors bring the outdoors in.” - Archdaily 

Would you live in this Waterfront Dreamhouse?

Barbie would!
Kisses, m.

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