Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Some ladies start smoking when they are really young... Here's a story about trying to be older than you are. Being young has advantages. Never grow old to be young. Stay young even though you grow old! It's a newer 300.  

Kisses, m.


Girls who smoke are seen as sexier than most
The way they curl their fingers
Taking a puff they give an air of control
So sexy when they  look over at you across the room
Lifting their eyes with the delicate smile.

A cool collected nymph with her pretty blonde curls.
Listening to the music and singing your song.
Lolita wants to borrow your jacket
And pretend she no longer wears bobby socks.
Taking down her ponytail she shakes out her hair.

Little one can’t help but take a drag.
She wants your kiss, your admiration, your love.
Big sister isn’t looking.
Will you give her a kiss?

Girls who smoke are seen as prettier than most.
Cool and aloof to the men in the books.
It’s a powerful position to captivate a man.
Trembling and touching his hands with a grin.

The nymph slides over toying with the ends of her hair
Not talking when she gently slides up to you.
Her hands tremble and her chests rises and falls.

Girls who smoke are different than most.
So pretty when they laugh and toss their hair back of course.
Lowering their eyes with a coy blush.

Lips so innocent not stained by red.
A kiss would be stealing innocence
And far from self-discipline
Big sister is watching.
Soon she’ll return.

Girls who smoke are better than most.
Taking his hand away from the others who look.
Guiding him toward a sense of restraint.

The wild hair glistens as she leans in to your shoulder.
It’s a shame she’s so young
A hint of her breath smells of the smoke.
Her skin so soft you can’t help but stare.

You want to admire and adore her.
But you know you can’t give in.
Girls who smoke are younger than most.

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