Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Are you calm when watching your boyfriend talk to another woman? I'm pretty secure with myself and do not feel threatened by other women. Some girls are not... It's fun to watch. And yes I will keep my distance from kens with jealous girl or lady "friends" or etc. And no dolls don't try to friend me because you're jealous. I offer my friendship out of sincerity to other women. Here's another 300 that's newer... from the jealous perspective.  I'm sorry I have to keep my distance from my favorite Kens sometimes. But jealous girls are adversarial! Especially when you find their intended attractive. It's hard knowing handsome men sometimes. ;)

Kisses, m.



his lips curl into a smile
he says nothing
I’m calm

Alone and reflecting
The scent of his skin remains in my mind
When he’s away

a moment of closeness between us
races my heart
but I appear calm

look at the sky
look at the ground
hold the breath before I release the smoke

there’s nothing like his touch
words I can’t find the courage to say
I fake my calm

Inhale and exhale
Building my bravery
But he doesn’t notice

reclining back he takes a drag of a cig
I want to ask for one but don’t
Stay calm

I don’t know that I look
into anyone’s face
the way I look into his

Electric eyes they make my pulse speed
He smiles when I stare too long
Be calm.

Words he says drift away quiet
The stillness of his stare wanders
My forehead then my hair

he pushes away from my touch
he looks away at another's face
I behave calm.

There's only din in my mind
Fury in my hands
He dismisses me

Smile when he’s looking
Smoke a quick cig when I’m alone
Pretend to be calm

It’s not my age
I’m old enough yet.
A girl and yet a woman

He wants to be with her
Older, sophisticated 
I’m anything but calm

She’s everything to me
A version of life
I’ll never be

He smiles and waves at her
She looks happy to see him
Calm down

He leaves me to talk to her
Their words overlap
Few but enough

I want to rip out her brown hair
Her smile matches his face
Calmness evades me

She’s letting him go
I’m watching her stand alone
Smiles looked intimate

Her voice is quiet but she watches him
Never going over to press futher

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