Friday, July 11, 2014

The Indicator - Meditation Retreat by Imbue Design

This Barbie finds it necessary to release the less than positive energy and thoughts from her life. Lately this has been challenging and although she has seeken sanctuary away in safe places from other people to help heal her mind there has been little chance of solitude due to necessary interruptions and joyful happenstance reunions. 

However fun and great it is to be social this doll must escape life to recharge herself... And she finds her unusually high introspection & distractibility to be a good barometer for being low on enough energy to give to others. 

Very few people including her favorite Ken know that Barbie often goes to spiritual retreats to do this and she goes... Alone. In this life you must do things alone including occasionally travel. Being alone & proactively doing things is something she wishes others would make time to do. It's actually very healthy to recharge on your own. ;) Remember, when you love yourself you are never alone, dolls & Kens! 

Well where do you find yourself getting centered? How about a meditation retreat?

The Indicator -Meditation Retreat by Imbue Design 

Designed to heighten the sense of living this home was created with the intention of creating rich moments of living through its utilitarian architecture. Comprising of sustainable materials that beautifully accentuate the surrounding landscape this stunning house. Embracing the ‘Buddhist’ concept of emptiness, meaning there should be no distinction between physical & metaphysical the form of the structure lends itself to create seamless harmony & a living sanctuary. 

Meditation can take place anywhere but it's best where you have simplicity of space and surroundings to facilitate a contemplation through silence. This space embraces the remoteness of the high terrain for Buddhists or those seeking silence to find themselves at home away from home. Among the sustainable materials the structure utilizes volcanic rock to promote a connection to the earth.

Would you retreat to this sanctuary to meditate?

Barbie would and she thinks you would too!
Kisses, m.

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