Monday, July 28, 2014

Lalaland Residence by Word of Mouth Architecture

Barbie is coming to find that she loves Word of Mouth... and she feels terrible for chastising one of her favorite Ken's for simply being himself and talking confidently about the people in his life. Oh kisses. Because Ken's a very wonderful guy he hopefully will forgive this doll for judging without understanding things or weighing how other people are into consideration. She absolutely adores Ken and hopes he continues to be the confident fellow he should be. That big confidence is one of the reasons she adores him. Why the change of heart? Well Barbie has simply gotten so much great word of mouth and response from showcasing Word of Mouth Architecture... So why not share some more love! And something this doll has learned is that if you don't like what words are coming out of others mouth's you can simply walk away. 

Lalaland Residence by Word of Mouth Architecture

Would you love the Lalaland Residence by Word of Mouth Architecture?
Barbie thinks you might take a chance on it!
Kisses, m. 

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