Sunday, July 13, 2014

Dream Roomspiration: Flowers

Barbie loves flowers... especially the kind that don't die. Once one of Barbie's favorite Kens gave her the most exquisite flowers and you know what they will never die. It's the truth. They never will wilt or lose their brilliance... As long as she takes care of & showers them with a lot of extra TLC these flowers will never loose their blossom or wither. To her that is an irreplaceable gift/generosity, a debt in life, because her world is so much more beautiful because those flowers are a part of it. She can never truly repay Ken except with her compassion, support, kindness and if he should ever need anything it would be his without question. 

Besides those beauties, Barbie has been on occasion given the beautiful gift of flowers. While flowers are never necessary as gifts they are always wonderful to receive from someone who wishes you well or apologizes. This doll holds a special place in her heart for the dear friends that wish you well or apologize with or without gifts despite their unnecessary nature. It takes a big person to do. I am grateful for the gesture. It does not go without notice.  Because I forgive. Why? A true friend requires no apology for delays, for distance or making a mistake because a true friend in return understands you do let people heal in their own time. Much like those flowers that Ken gave me... you must take care of every person you meet with a little TLC or they will loose their blossom and become lifeless. 

Now the best way to enjoy people and flowers is to fill your life with them. Flowers do make your dream house lovelier... and people make for good company.

Dream Roomspiration: Flowers

Would you decorate your life with flowers? 

Barbie thinks you might come around to the idea!
Kisses, m.

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