Friday, May 2, 2014


A cup of coffee can be something simple or nothing it all. It all depends on the emphasis you place upon it. And whether you decide it is in the company of another is up to you... Whether you know them or not. It's still up to you how blind you are about them. Blind dates are nearly the same as going on a date with someone you know. It's all about how much you give yourself to the moment of learning about someone instead of worrying about what's past or what will come of it.

Does coffee kill you?

Kisses, m.


Why, hello darling. Why aren’t you a delightful and very kind stranger?  Thank you. I like to think I’m a vision of beauty. Although it’s not everyday that I’m told so. Now, hold on a minute. Of course I’m the lady of the hour but I doubt the one you’ve been waiting on. Or am I? That’s what you’re wondering anyhow. Blind date? I see. It’s been a while since you’ve agreed to such an arrangement. Tell me then, how’s this working out for you? Anything like you expected? Oh no, not at all. I’m sure things will… she’s probably on her way. Although I’m not sure you were disappointed waiting alone. This place is lovely. You couldn’t have chosen a better place. You’re quite welcome. Excellent taste. Sorry about the mix-up? Don’t be. I can see where you might mistake a stranger in a crowd. Anyways, isn’t this is all very charming? You know? Meeting like this. Yes I like to think it is. I’m quite pleased to meet you as well. And honestly a little embarrassed to admit that I’m not too sorry that your lady is running a bit behind. Really, you too? Darling you seem to be full of surprises. Prepared for the unknown? That’s a new one. You know how to charm a girl don’t you? What do you say I buy you a drink? Come now don’t be like that. Besides it will loosen you up. Settle those nerves right down. That tardy little lady will be glad to find you all warmed up and ready for some serious conversation. And if something were to happen and the lady doesn’t show? Well, I’m sure we can manage to reach an arrangement of our own. I know I wouldn’t mind. What do you say, darling?

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