Friday, May 2, 2014


Getting a cup of coffee can be tiring but there's no need to lay in the street over it! Try enjoying a cafe that doesn't require you leave the street behind.

Cafe/Day by Suppose Design 

“Café/Day’s building shell gives the impression that the structure was frivolously sited upon a pre-existing parking lot, unveiling the bold white lines of the traffic markings and the asphalt.  Even the door frames and furniture details were painted in yellow, matching the flagpoles from the driving school that occupies the car park.  The cafe features benches modelled on bus stop seating and its chairs are made of recycled car seats. With its large glass walls and unusual flooring solution, Café/Day extends this casual relaxing space out into the urban environment.”

Would you lay in street for a cup of coffee?

Barbie knows you would! 
Kisses, m.

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