Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Skeleton House

Barbie loves her friends and family all the way down to their bones. And loves to see what they're made of when she's stepping into the high heels of Doctor Barbie. So it makes wonderful sense that Barbie would love her Dream House all the way down to its skeletal frame.

The Skeleton House

The Skeleton House  designed by Japanese design firm be-fun design is composed of two side-by-side units that reside on a residential block in Yokosuka, 
kanagawa, japan. This structure, a 2-story apartment building is largely a minimal concrete structure with interconnected internal levels adjoined by ladders. There is a firewall separating the two buildings.

Would you live in a Skeleton House?

Kisses, m.

Images via be-fun design
© hiroyuki hirain

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