Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Floating House

Barbie knows how to swim but can she float? There's nothing like taking a dive into the uncharted waters especially when Barbie steps in the shoes or rather flippers of a first rate swimmer. And when she gets tired of swimming Barbie can escape to her Floating retreat...

The Floating House

Gracefully at rest upon Lake Huron the floating house, designed by MOS, boasts clean, sustainable design and gorgeous design lines in addition to its unique and quite spectacular view of the lake. The house rests upon steel pontoons which allow for the structure to move with the shifting tides and water fluctuations of the lake.

The exterior is composed of cedar siding & rain screens to keep some of the harsher weather elements at bay. At the lake level the home also includes a boat slip, storage space & sauna. While the 2nd story houses the living quarters.

Would you live in a Floating House?

Barbie might.

Kisses, m.

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