Sunday, November 20, 2011

Reminiscing the Poetry of 8 Words: There'll come a time, don't you forget it

There'll come a time, don't you forget it

All day before my eyes come little visions.
There’s a beautiful land where dreams come true.
And this old world is a new world.
Aren’t many things one can be sure of…
In one moment you’ll know what it is
There'll come a time, don't you forget it.

You might find the night-time the right time
You walk without a sound down forgotten streets
And you see it comin' down the street
In it’s hanging on, and with fingers clutching
Baby, telling you, you've been gone too long.

I've got to follow where it leads me
Here tonight as I stand inside the rain
I'm glad I'm mad and can't live without
Me wanting a little sweetness in my soul

I want to touch your face, your hands
I’ve always loved the simple things about you
Oh touch me now and let me know
If you like it let me know it.

In the dark I get such a thrill
When I kiss you every night and day.
You are my nights; my night and day.
I declare you gonna drive me stone insane

Quiet baby, don’t explain there’s nothing to gain.
Don't talk just hold me closer to you.
I need your affection and not your protection
Keep looking in my eyes we'll be fine
I know it will be so it's time

Lie away resting away deep in my arms
From memory these arms still hold a thrill.
A thrill that should have been gone by
Like that dance before the flame that burns. 

Oh please forget the dreams that were broken
The future that someone says may never be
Tomorrow might not come, when dreamers dream late
But still I hope the time will come.
And when you have some time to spend
Come on back see me when you can.

8 words. Nina Simone. A friend introduced me to lovely music of Nina Simone almost 15 years ago. Since then her music has always been a staple in my collection. One that I've gone too long without recently. It seems fitting that when the pieces of this puzzle came together they formed a metaphor for love. Its a feeling that makes the old world a new world. And it feels as though it's been away too long. The dreams once broken become the past for the lovers when they welcome new love into their life. Needless to say it wasn't written for anyone or about anyone. Something I should have made clear sooner... I could say more, yet I will not. enjoy the loving, living and breathing with the people in your life. kisses. m.

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