Thursday, July 7, 2011


"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."

-Alan Kay

I always find fortune telling folks to be interesting people. There are a few people in my family that practice. And I believe that everyone is capable of foreseeing what comes for them next and taking the action to make it happen. Until then, it isn't real. You know that ice skater that wins the gold medal. It took years of work, dreaming and preparation to get to the part where they are living the dream. The dream isn't real until that one day comes. You can not create one day. It has to happen. And wonder or imagining the how's or why's of getting there but to get there one day. But about the future? Today is no longer yesterday and it has yet to fully happen. In life you have to follow your path, we all have one. I know one day when I finally finish my goals and live my complete dream it will be success. But it's truly the journey that life takes you by. Cause if you are lucky then you get to move alongside the most amazing people. Ultimately it is still to each their own life, and it should be authentic to every individual. Have to remain true to yourself. That is what makes the magic happen. And dreams... are the best magic. The best way to see a dream come true is to make it a reality. Have to start with an idea. It can be as simple as publishing a book, that one is mine. Or it could be falling in love, traveling, swimming with dolphins... the possibilities are endless. But once you have a dream, then comes the part that is so amazing, making it real.

There are people in this world who hit home runs, grand slams, etc everyday and they are all... well that's a pretty amazing feat. I think that everyone is capable and can too. Forgive the baseball analogy for life. It truly isn't a game nor a spectator sport but at the same time no one can live it for you and hand you the victory. Think of it this way: You can't even strike out without going up to bat. If you aren't involved the game how can you expect to ever hit it out of the park. People need to stop gambling, trying to fix the outcome and get involved in living. The dream is hard, but if it's the vision you had in mind, then keep working at it. From the looks of it, hard work does pay off in the end.

How does it pay off? Think of all you wanted to accomplish a year or two ago, and from all that work, look at what you have done now. Granted not all things have come to fruition, but then there are the wonderful things that have. To think all those things made possible by invention of thought and the confidence combined with talent to succeed are now possible. It is in belief for oneself that anything can be accomplished. And sets the goal for others to want to put themselves out there and take a chance to try and succeed. If a person nothing to make things happen for that future goal can never be.

A little update as I continue not to focus on the smaller pieces and address the larger pieces. It is hard to be without the small work. I do enjoy myself when I write the short. New is there but as you know... what comes next must come next. I am in research mode, which means reading among other things that are such a joy to be doing and calling work. And of course I'm trying to rewrite something which is proving to be difficult. It's been an interesting week to say the least. I've been set on fire [literally and accidentally] while playing sparklers with my nephew, and had a 100lbs+ cart of books fall on and luckily miss me while sorting it. Drats to those heavy picture books. I'm quite alright and grateful that I'm able to smile at a couple of clumsy moments of life.

Be a fortune teller. Invent your future and follow through with seeing out your vision. And remember a wise man sees exactly what's in front of him, without embellishment. There is only a mountain if you make it in  your mind. So what's the future hold for you?


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