Saturday, April 9, 2011

The D Chronicles Vol 1 - (Men): Due

Due. A little risqué but nonetheless of the milder variety. Some people demand to get everything exactly the way they see fit while others are a little flexible with those around them and end up getting what they want in the end. Thinking of Matisse. Two more to go and I’ve got a new one that’s been on the table for a week. Enjoy. kisses. m.


Xander Hawthorne was a particularly frugal man always looking for any deal that life would afford him. A man with a moral conscience only comes around on occasion and he certainly wasn’t one of those. Mr. X, as Xander preferred to be known happened to be simply fixated on the value of his dollar and how far it would stretch. Whether it was morally sound or not made little difference to him. And Xander especially paid attention when the time came to make a purchase. It wasn’t about the cost. This was something of an oxymoron for a thrifty man. It wasn’t even about the principle of price. Rarely had his haggling directly related to the notion that he was being overcharged. Xander simply wanted what was due to him. Every thing that was explained under cost was expected. And nothing less than that.

With any man there’s always the chance of him wanting what’s coming to him. It’s completely understandable in any event. But with Xander it wasn’t like that at all. He made sure it all came, whether it was completely unreasonable or not. To him it was the principle of follow through. And to Xander a person that has no follow-through is a person that has not one iota of respectability.

What makes a man is quite often his attitude or manner. With Xander this couldn’t be truer had he created the purpose of man with his own hands. As any man can attest his character to be highly regarded by those he spends his time with. There is little that he can do or say to shake the very fabric of what they believe about him. With that thought it’s not a wonder what happened to poor Xander wasn’t his own doing. When a man loses all respectability with himself what else can there be for him?

You have to understand that Xander Hawthorne wasn’t a lonely man. No, not at all. That wasn’t why. At least not on Monday Tuesday and Thursdays, it wasn't. On those days he was quite occupied with his habit of chess and crackers with the regulars at the Grenada Nursing Home. But on those other days of the week it wasn’t all snacks and games. Sunday and Wednesday were spent walking the neighbor’s dog and on Saturdays he had a flair for cycling in the afternoons and spent them in the park. Now this left him with one day, Friday to do as he pleased. A day where there wasn’t anything but time to waste. And as most men often find themselves when they are bored, Xander’s curiosity was peaked.

Now it’s hard to say what made Xander do it, cause this was the least affordable and respectable thing you might think that he could do. But he did it anyway.

Every week without deviation Xander had hired himself a prostitute to spend the time with on Friday. It wasn’t that he couldn’t have found company with a non-working girl. Xander most certainly could have found a female companion but that would have required the negotiation of intimate terms. Most women want to hem and haw about the unnecessary details when all Xander wanted was a little “fun” time. Rather than take that bullet to the head Xander preferred to keep his standing appointment with the company of an escort.

Xander was unlike most. And most men will call upon an escort when they’re between women or between jobs or when they’re right about to take a dive off the edge with a pair of cement shoes strapped to the last woman they’ll ever…

“Sleep with you? Well that will cost more. Almost double.” She says it the same way she says her name is Shana. Xander knows it’s not her real name and always tells her that she has to call him Mr. X. Shana keeps saying “kinky” but agrees to his whim nonetheless as she counts out the money. To Mr. X this is always particularly crass on her part but he lets it pass as he settles in for negotiations with his hired companion. With the T’s crossed and the I’s dotted on their standing arrangement it was  unusual to Shana that Mr. X brought up a change in routine. He continues to tell her that sex is just fine but sleep is what he’d rather do instead. And with that thought he asked her to kindly indicate what was involved in that new price.

Seizing the opportunity to expand his itinerary with Shana, Mr. X took it upon himself to open negotiations for discussion. He’d been quite pleased with her performance in everything but one area.

Shana didn’t appreciate his fondness for back channel surfing and forbade him from making any advances toward a rear entrance detour. To his credit Mr. X had quite an unusually large appreciation and Shana didn’t particularly share his affection for such excursions. Mr. X had allowed for her eccentricities until today.

Time and time again she’d mentioned her discomfort in discussing something that couldn’t be included in his particular price range. When Mr. X mentioned that he thought her “sleeping” with him after the main event might be a nice change of turn he had almost hoped that she would be willing to renegotiate cost. And with that thought open the table for the opportunity to discuss a little back door action.

Seeing fit to lay out the law, Mr. X outlined what he expected with the increase in price which included entry fee to an otherwise closed door. Shana hadn’t planned on this arrangement but went forward with negotiation as a professional courtesy. She added a few tricks and perks to the table but that wasn’t working for Mr. X. He laid out the cost effectiveness of his new price range. “Sleeping” and a few extra whirls weren’t going to be enough of a reason to pay nearly double the cost. And with a few more trades of tricks…. Add some sleep with some hand over fist, minus a little head time in trade for some back end time, Mr. X saw fit to seal the deal with Shana.

Between the CNN boycott of national weather and the newest family sitcom Xander Hawthorne had it happen. A moment occurred when the deal he was getting afforded him a place of indecency. Somewhere between getting what he wanted for the deal of a lifetime he was getting himself into more than he bargained for.

As any man will understand a woman that doesn’t want to do something simply will not accommodate. She’ll do anything to find herself completely inflexible. And as Mr. X found out Shana was no different than any other women. Somewhere between entrance and pleasure she let him have it, quick. A little tit for tat from behind and her right finger brought him to a speedy arrival. Through her own back channel method Shana gave Mr. X exactly what he wanted. And on that night with his indecent request the frugally preoccupied Xander Hawthorne got exactly what was due to him. The only thing was he hadn’t planned on getting it so quickly.

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