Friday, April 8, 2011

Behind The Wheel.

Behind the Wheel.
Btw.  2010

Btw.  2009

Btw.  2009

Have gun will travel? No. However, I do like to take photos when I'm on trips... How about you? Unlike most people I like to shoot a few in a less than conventional way. And of course aside from dirty windows... you can see I like to speed. Yes. It's not the safest and I don't recommend it if you are alone in the car. If you're raising an eyebrow or two that's quite alright. However... There aren't too many things in this world you can tell people about without getting an eyebrow or two raised.

Anyway, this isn't quite out of context... Back from day-tripping and as you can see the weather has improved much over the last few weeks. Among other things... there's been talk of trips and things with many people.  So I have been finishing up some things and thinking for a while that it's time for another excursion made out of pure whim and... the right opportunity.

How about it lovelies?
Where to go?
What shall be?
Travel by Road? Air? Or Sea?

-kisses. m.

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