Tuesday, March 8, 2011

8 words - Bjork.

8 words - Bjork

Uncertainty excites me baby, what's going to happen?
Today has never happened, it doesn't frighten me

I can sense something important about to happen
But will my eyes be closed or open?

I've seen what was, I know what'll be,
The world’s going to be made of this.

Don't try to predict, it's meant to surprise.
It's in our hands, and it always was.

And I remember but it hasn't happened yet.
So don't ask me what's gonna happen next
You’re gonna have to find out for yourself.

The game we're playing is love’s two-way dream.
This is really dangerous but worth the effort.
Love is all to dare to drown in.

Aren't we scaring ourselves unnecessarily? Trying too hard?
What's so scary? Not a threat in sight.
I’ve no fear, I'm in this to ENJOY.

Darling, please stop confusing me with your thinking.
Locks up your chest, Shuts down your heart.
And that stillborn love that could have happened.

Can’t you see that you're leading me on.
How can you offer me love like that?

Only fill my heart fulfilling your heart’s desire.
I love your eyes, their splendid, sparkling fire.
I see who you are, behind the skin.
Let’s celebrate all this flesh on our bones.

You'll be given love, be taken care of
Sweet like harmony made into flesh you dance
Smooth soft, red velvety lungs are pushing oxygen
Try to open up breathing into the heart
Vertebrae by vertebrae please release this pressure now.

With a razorblade I'll cut a slit open
Explode this body, I'll wake-up tomorrow brand new
And destroy all that is keeping you down.

I don't recognize myself this is very interesting.
Untouchable innocence it's still here in different places.

I turn myself in and give myself up.
I'm going to prove the impossible really exists.

8 words. Bjork. Revised. Oddly, there are two for this artist. And I’m currently stuck amid a piece that I’m tremendously excited for. It’s coming, among other things. Have a good night. Enjoy. kisses. m.

*Track Listing
Violently Happy
It’s in our hands
Possibly maybe
Cover me.
I Miss You
Play Dead
New World
Triumph of a heart
5 years
Alarm Call
All is full of love
Generous Palmstroke
I see who you are
Vertebrae by Vertebrae
Dull Flame of Desire
My Snare
Come to me

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