Thursday, February 24, 2011

8 words – Kylie Minogue

8 words – Kylie Minogue

In a flash of night inside there’s something
As I sit here looking at the street
It feels like I never saw the sun
Through with the past no point looking back
Nothing in my world could be the same

Open your eyes to the skies up above
I'm looking in the space this time, this
Life is a precious minute open your eyes
To know a beginning but never an end

The world should be moving to your heart
You know this is how it should be

I can see the look, in your eyes
And I see you get lost in time
It’s been a long time waiting for someone
Alone, but now that's all gone for you

I'm standing here, so why won't you move?
Don't rush, let the rhythm pull you in.

Another minute passes by I wait for you.
Time can fly when you're still in love.

You can never undo, whatever has been done
All you can do is step back in.
Don't be frightened, just give a little more.
You’ll never get to Heaven if you're scared

Take my hand I'll show you how to
Believe in the sacred and break every rule
With this heart that will see you through.
Quickly you'll forget your fears that kept you.

In this world, the good you can't plan
Why wait 'til tomorrow you should be living
Cause most people never get the chance to

Come on and let yourself feel the need 
Make just a move with the right intention
Think how different would the world could be

In your mind a celebration, sweetest of sensation
Everyday there in my some kind of bliss
And I know there's no doubt about it
Because in my imagination there is no hesitation

What used to be a dream is everything

8 words – Kylie Minogue.  Still not the original lady, but another fabulous one at that. Enjoy, kisses. m.

*Track Listing.
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Time Will Pass You By
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On a night like this
come into my world
Cherry Bomb
All The Lovers
I Believe In You
Red Blooded Woman
The One
All I See
Step Back In Time
If You Were With Me Now
Hand On Your Heart
Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi
I Should Be So Lucky
Heaven And Earth
Enjoy Yourself
Live And Learn
Some Kind Of Bliss
Disco Down
Under The Influence
Your Love
No More Rain

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