Friday, October 22, 2010

Been or going?

San Francisco. 2009.

Where you're going or where you've been? Walking toward or away? That, and that alone truly depends on your perspective. It's not what you see it's how you it. Life circles around many times we may not see it though cause every time is quite different. Anyhow...

Traveling by land and staying for a couple. Somewhere I've been before. And although this place is lovely and I miss it, it is another. Ah, but it's never the same when you return anywhere. Something about life changing all around while you've been gone.  Sadly there is no air on this journey and no Skymall to entertain with things we do not need but make life far more interesting because we have them to buy. Another anyhow... Any weekend plans? Well now that you are thinking of them... Hope they are grand and quite fabulous! All of it really is. enjoy your weekend! kisses. m.

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