Thursday, October 21, 2010



 “Can we?”  He says.

“It’s been one of those days at the end of a very long week. Can we have a daydream together?” He insists with a smile and leans his head a little to the left and touches the back of my neck with his warm hand.  

A long week that never ends. Work. And nothing but that. When it seems there’s no chance for escape, then you find it. Resting in front your thoughts and granting your soul peace. The golden light of day shining vividly across the bright waters of paradise. Miles and miles of coastline. White sands and the sounds of surf crashing along the line of coast. Birds call and dive in and out of the cool bright waters.

 “Oh I don’t know it’s been a very long day.” I tell him in a small jest. “And it’s the end of the week.” He lowers his face to look me in the eye as his smile widens with my unconvincing response.

“Please. You know you want to.” He insists. “If I want to, then you know you want to.” He looks at me and presses his lips together with a smile. I can’t remember ever saying no to him when he does this. So I don’t.

“Yes of course I do. I miss it a lot lately.” I smile and blush as he grabs at my hands that try to stay busy.

The warm sunlight touches my bare skin. I ask him if maybe we can stay longer this time. I tell him I like it here. This is my favorite one. He agrees and suggests we keep looking for find a place to enjoy it. With this he keeps walking and I follow with my hand tucked around his waist.

“Oh, how I do miss it.” I stop to look at him and nod.

“See. What better reason for it.” He tells me and pulls me closer toward him again.

“Alright, let’s have a moment in the clouds.” I’m curious and the thought of a temporary escape from the day to day banal sounds divine.

He tells me to look at the water. So I ask him what is there. He points out all the birds diving and catching fish as they rise. I can feel the breeze sweep across my skin and the goose-bumps that run up and down his arm.

He is full of animation and laughter with my agreement. I can see the wheels in his head turning already with anticipation as his arm holds mine tighter and pulls me inward further. As I lean against his chest I can see that unmistakable look in his eyes. It’s the one of pure wild imagination. He’s probably thought of how we’ll get there. Wherever there will be. It’s half the fun of not knowing where we’ll end up before this begins. So he gets ready. Setting the scene. Placing the idea of spontaneity in the front of his mind and preparing to run with it.

The air has the distinct smell of the ocean in it as the wind continues to carry through my hair. In the sand his feet lift and fall in a less than routine pattern. The moment feels like forever as we’re walking and I’m leaning. He runs his hand across my skin and touches my neckline before asking when I want to go. I tell him just a little longer. It’s been a long week. And he says we can take as long as we need.

“Where would you like…” His mood is more subdued when I ask him this. He looks down into my eyes as I smile waiting for his response.

“How do you feel about the Pacific Northwest?” He tells me through a smile that shows a few teeth. I know this is a joke and play along.

“Eh? How about something a little more arctic? Alaska? Antarctica?” I wrap my loose arms around him with a play shiver and look into his gaze that pretends to drift but stays quite present in the moment with his grin.

“Use your imagination. Think a little more worldly and exotic. And not like that last one. I loved the African jungle. But why not…”

“Oh, exotic and worldly. How about uncharted?”

“I like that. Now you’re getting into it.” he says and wraps his arms around me tighter.

“Nothing like before. Let’s do somehing…”

“Different. How about a walk on the beach together?”

“I thought you’d never ask. Shall we?”

Is it possible to have a dream together? This question has been posed to me more this year by more people than I can think of ever in my lifetime. Despite my fixation with sleep/non-sleep related things, I’m no expert. Yet there’s that same question. Can you have a dream with another person? Well the answer is yes. You may dream together as often as you’d like. Any day. Everyday if you’d like. Daydreams are but one the best uses of your imagination. Sunning yourself for a little while on an unknown beach? Exploring the Australian Outback? Zip-lining in Costa Rica? How about a couple hours in Japan for lunch? Paris for breakfast croissant? A Russian dinner party? Or how about a few minutes spent walking on water in the Mediterranean Sea? Whatever the one place you could go that would send your heart racing is... No matter how fantastic or grand. Let your mind wander. enjoy the moments. enjoy the dreams. enjoy each other. in whatever form they arise. kisses. m. 

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