Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Music 54.

Almost Famous.

Great american Rock n Roll movie. And I can't believe so many of you haven't seen this. You know who you are! I'm not naming names. Just go and watch it... NOW. If you want watch it again if you've seen it. Amazing. Rarely do we have a coming of age story that crosses barriers without completely going over the edge. And of course there's THE MUSIC!

Thinking about music and writing and writing about music. How many people really want to be journalists? I know a few writers and a few journalists and there is a slight difference. Its still reporting back all of it, but with a twist. The movie crosses lines cause here you have this kid absorbing all that is encompassed by this band, learning from these people that are older and essentially supposed to be wiser from experience when in reality they themselves are growing up at the same time. And then this kid is faced with the eventuality of having to share it. The truth.

Truman Capote once spent months on tour with the Rolling Stones to write a profile of the band. When he arrived back from the tour he refused to write the piece. Truth can change a person. Although he did later discuss the time spent on the road with Andy Warhol in an interview. 

Somehow this all brings me back to something that was suggested, then hinted at, by a few friends last year and well it was forgotten. Til the other morning while pouring over an edit and some tweetdeck there it was - the old post reminding me of that forgotten something that I'd loved to do, with my own twist of course, but hadn't yet. It's not entirely music, art, and writing but along those blurred lines. Not saying more than... its now possible to do.

for now, enjoy your evenings and the movie. kisses. m.

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