Sunday, September 12, 2010



Excuse me, ma’am. Just a minute. How about a few seconds the? Look, this is important. Alright, I won’t waste your time and get straight to the point. My wife over there and our baby boy are… Ma’am wait. Can you spare some money? I don’t normally do this sort of thing. Please. Our car is out of gas, we haven’t eaten in a couple days and we need to get the baby to the doctor. Oh, thanks. Anything you can spare will help. Fifty cents or a dollar if I answer a question? Ma’am ask away. Hell, go on and ask ten. The car that we got out of? My car is down the road. No you must be mistaken that’s not our brand new car. Clothes? These are my only clothes and they haven’t been washed in a week. Can’t remember the last time I wore something new. Honestly that must have been someone else changing in the parking lot earlier. You know they say everyone has a double. Eating? Wow, that couldn’t have been my family and I at Sizzler earlier. We haven’t had a decent square meal in over a month. Thanking the big man in the sky for providing those crackers and cans of beans the other morning. Poor baby Jesse hasn’t seen a drop of milk in a day now. Well, that’s three dollars now. Isn’t it? What do you mean you’ll only give me one? That old man in the car next to you handed me five. Stingy broad. Bet you think you’re better than me? No, as a matter of fact I’m not asking for handouts for myself. I’m doing it… You seriously doubt that I’m in need. Whatever lady, keep your dollar. Get a job? I have a job. Ya. Begging.

300. panhandling. Ever hear of those not-homeless people on the street that are just looking for money 
and earn a few hundred a day for doing nothing? Well, if you haven’t… it’s out there. The people offering to ‘work for food’ are far more worthy of your change. And if you have a job, put them to work. Had a conversation recently and shared with someone that I didn’t think I could beg for money. If I had to borrow it, then I’d have to find a way to reimburse the person that lent it to me. See, how I was brought up, you offer to pay back a favor of generosity by working for it or contributing in some fashion. It’s not pride that would prevent me from begging, it’s the need to return the gesture. And it’s without honor to just take from people.  I’d give my last dress off my body, before turning away need, but not if someone continually expects it. Don’t abuse someone’s generosity. For me, it’s important to give something, to pay, before expecting a free meal. Ever hear that saying, ‘sing for your supper?’ What do you give, when there’s nothing (money, services, etc) to contribute? Food for thought. Enjoy. be kind. be generous. kisses. m.

*its not begging when you ask people to invest in something you believe in for benefits they or others will reap in return.  a trade for a trade. you give, i give, they give and we'll all get something in the end. there's no shame in providing a service of future generosity and prosperity. 

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