Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Space: Mission Control

Mission Control

Mission Control. Delta. Smooth landing. Navigational systems are functional. Will log and report first contact with native inhabitants. Last live comms were over three days ago with Lunar colony Apollo. Classified Intel on all communications will follow via transport unit. Satellite feed will be comprised during the mission. Until we find out if E.T. is friendly Delta will remain radio silent. Medical officer Kessler reports significant life readings in the western continental ridge of the planet. We’re focusing efforts to reach those coordinates. End trans.

Mission Control/Delta. Mikelson claims he has spotted several natives that appear to be humanoid female near our coordinates. We’re proceeding cautiously through the terrain toward them. Apparently these terrestrials bear a striking resemblance to human females. Hold on. Jamison is signaling the appearance of... Oh holy hell! Jamison’s making contact. Astonishing. They’re beautiful. First contact. She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.  Slowly... There’s more. Women. Everywhere. Never seen anything like it. This is unbelievable. Mikelson reaches the… AAAhHH! No! They’re attacking.  Down. Man down. Cannibalizing upon each other. Thousands are coming. Hostile. Break contact! Jamison… RUN! Must stop them. Mikelson… there nothing left of his head. I’m… too… late. They’re too strong for me. AAAhHH! End trans.

Mission control! Can you read me? This is Jamison. Breaking radio silence. Come in. This is urgent! Over.

Go ahead Jamison. Over.

Thank the stars. Delta is down. Requesting a back-up unit for retrieval. Contact is a no-go. E.T. is not friendly. Cease future communications with Delta. No time. Over.

Slow down. Repeat. Over.

Delta has failed. Nothing like it. Natives are hostile. Kessler & Mikelson are both dead.  Send recovery unit for log retrieval. Coordinates transmitted. Do not search for team. Repeat. Mission compromised. Over.

We’ve lost his signal. Send the unit. Mission control. Out.

300. Aliens. Deadly. Amazon women from mars? OR is it Venus. I don’t know. This was something of a fun departure into sci-fi. Thinking of taking it longer. enjoy. m.

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