Friday, August 6, 2010

I am…

I am an emotional creature. . .


Eve Ensler is the woman that wrote “The Vagina Monologues” and probably one of the most influential feminists in the world today. Her performances and words are powerful. If you have a chance catch the V-day Monologues. Everyone can take something away from them. The stories carry so much enthusiasm for empowerment among women. It truly is something to take in and I highly recommend it. In the last six months, (Feb 2010) her new book was published “I AM AN EMOTIONAL CREATURE: The Secret Life of Girls around the World.”

In Emotional Creature, Ensler has produced stories that hold the perspective of countless unspoken young girls. Future generations of women. They have an opinion. It is valid. The stories reflect those unspoken ideas and generate a unified loyalty. It can be said that this is the first step towards empowering our youth. Making these girls understand that they have a voice. They can change the world. They are not a minority and they will never have to be victims. Being a feminist does not mean you are against anything. It is simply that you are pro-female. You value and respect your peers.

Today I briefly watched a talk show where two young women called themselves friends but hated each other. Rather than work to help and support each other the pair did nothing but attack each other in every way possible to inflict pain. The thought of this was completely confounding. I can’t help but wonder if they had had better role models or read something empowering perhaps these women could realize that they only hurt themselves when they reach out to hurt each other.

The youth is lost and they feel alone. They are not isolated. The need to… It’s extremely important that they find a way to connect. These poems and excerpts will hold meaning for all girls, young and old. In this manner, Ensler’s book is important. So important there are now TV spots promoting the book. Take a look at MTV for several spots. They include several young actresses reading pieces from the book.

The book is a long awaited breath of fresh air that will empower a younger generation of women to celebrate their similarities and individualities. It is important that there is a unifying connection for them.

Two book excerpts:

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