Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Try to Keep it Down.

Try to Keep it Down.

(Early evening. Interior bedroom. Girls room. Three beds. A mother and two daughters, a teenager and pre-teen, are putting away laundry and talking. The teenage girl has walked over to the closet to hang the final pieces and comes upon a surprise.)

Alexis: “AAAAGH! My favorite shoes! Lauren took my shoes. And she’s out wearing them only God knows where. Mother!”

Mother: “Honestly Alexis, you know how I feel about this. I refuse to get involved in these fights with your sisters. Talk to Lauren about it when she gets in, which, by the looks of it should be any time. Girls, I’ll be out front on the porch sitting with your father. Try to keep it down. Alexis. No more of this.”

LX: “Heather. She knows those are my best pair. How could she?”

Heather: “Lexy, calm down. Maybe she didn’t mean it like that. This is Lauren’s big date with Josh Allan. You know how much she wanted to impress him by looking nice. And you always have the nicest shoes.”

LX: “I don’t care if she’s entertaining the British Prime Minister.” (Stamping feet as she speaks for emphasis of irritation) “I know I have the nicest shoes and she could have asked to borrow any pair, but those are off limits!”

HT: “Hey this is kinda like that time you borrowed my red dangly earrings with the good hoops and didn’t ask.”

LX: (prattling on ignoring Heather) “Besides her feet are two sizes too big. My poor shoes. They’ll be stretched out beyond recognition and completely unsuitable after that abuse. “

HT: “LEXY. Remember, how one got lost in Bobby Green’s pickup truck and you freaked out about it?”

LX: “HEATHER. I heard you. It is not the same thing at all. And those weren’t anything that couldn’t be replaced by another cheap tacky pair from the Plain Janes at the mall.”

HT: “ALEXIS. This is exactly the same thing. And those weren’t so cheap and tacky were they? You borrowed them.”

LX: “It is NOT THE SAME! I was able to return your earrings in the same condition I borrowed them. Who cares about your stupid earrings? Lauren with her big ol clown feet, are going to ruin my shoes. ”

HT: “I can not believe you! I had to wait a week for Bobby to dig out my missing earring. And it wasn’t the same with the broken hoop. What about my shirt that you accidentally found in your laundry and then mistakenly wore to the movies? There’s a permanent butter stain on it. So hypocritical. Very immature Alexis.”

LX: “Again being a child, you are missing the point. But look at this way, I did you a favor. Now you can buy a better pair. And I didn’t wear your ugly shirt. Lauren did. And it made her look FAT! You’re just jealous cause you can’t go out yet.”

HT: “M-O-..!!!”

(Before Heather gets out a scream Alexis slaps her across the face)

LX: “Shut it! You heard what Mom said.”

HT: “Fine. I’m tired of you treating me like a little girl.” (Sticks out tongue and nurses a red welt across her cheek) “LAUREN!”

(Enter Lauren, another teenage girl around the same age as Alexis.)

Lauren: “Hey girls! What’d I miss?” (She walks further into the room and sets down a handbag on the bed.)

LX: “Isn’t it about time? Designer Imposter. Heather aren’t those your earrings? And isn’t that your necklace too? Lauren I just love your shoes and matching handbag.”

HT: “Oh my GOD! What are you doing wearing my earrings? Give me my necklace?”

(Heather shoves Lauren and snatches the necklace from her neck sending a surplus of beading across the room)

LR: “What in the world is going on? I asked you three days ago for that. Now look at this mess.”


LR: “Ok. Heather. I’m sorry that I don’t always ask. But we share a room and a lot of the time things get borrowed without asking. Remember when you borrowed my hairbrush last week cause you didn’t think I would mind. And if you think I owe you a shirt, maybe I do. Here’s your earrings back.”


LX: “You can’t just walk in and fix everything like that.”

LR: “ALEXIS? What’s this about?”

LX: “You oversized wildebeest get your hooves out of my shoes! I didn’t lend them or my handbag to you. This is far beyond overstepping some boundaries. You come and go using our things like were disposable. No care or consideration for our feel….”


HT: “Don’t YOU tell her to shut up! You SHUT UP! AND you can have your stupid hairbrush back!” (Heather launches a projectile hairbrush across the room at Lauren.)

LX: “What? Can’t handle the truth?”

LR: “You can’t handle the truth Alexis. I’m sorry about the shoes. You weren’t home. I figured you owed me one.”

HT: “You guys are jerks.” (Launches a pair of shoes across the room at both sisters.)

LX: (Alexis catches a shoes mid-air.) “OWED YOU? How could you, with your juvenile mind, possibly think that I owed you anything?”

LR: “Heather! Knock it off!” (Picks up misguided shoe missile.) “Alexis, you go around dumping all your responsibilities on me. Leaving me to watch Heather at the drop of a hat. Deal with Mom and Dad’s list of afternoon chores. Helping your boyfriend’s mom with her shopping last week. I figured the least you could do was lend me a pair of shoes. But that’s too much to ask.” (Throws shoe and hits Alexis in the face.)

(Alexis launches across the room in a tirade. Snatches at Lauren’s hair and pulls at her earrings.)

LR: “LET GO! MY EARS! You are crazy!”

LX: “LIAR! You’re the one the problem. Taking things all the time. Disregarding our feelings.”

HT: “I HATE YOU BOTH!” (Heather launches into a full on assault with a pillow) “AAAAGHH”


HT: “You two stop fighting NOW!!!”

(Heather with a swing busts open the pillow scattering a thousand feathers across the dueling pair.)

LX: “Not until you say you’re wrong. You’re a complete imposter and thief. I’ll take out a piece of your hair if you don’t s-s-a--…”


LX, LR, HT: “Yes.

(All three sisters are mid-fight and come to a complete halt. Alexis has a hold of Lauren’s hair. Lauren has a hand pushing at Alexis’ face. Heather is mid-launch of another swing that will scatter more feathers.)

M: “Lauren, give back your sister’s shoes. You looked lovely in them. I hope you had a good time with Joshua.”

LR: “Yes Mom. Thank You. I did have a nice time. Sorry Alexis.”

M: “Alexis, let go of your sister.”

LX: “But MOTHER!!!” (Removing grip on Lauren’s hair and stamping feet.)

M: “NOW! I said ENOUGH! You shoes are perfectly fine. You both wear the same size. And please apologize. You owe Lauren for helping with your responsibilities last week.

LX: Yes, Mother. I’m sorry for the trouble. Lauren, I AM Sorry. (Shoots a dirty look at Lauren and picks up shoes.)

M: “Thank you Alexis. Heather honey… what are you doing? Please clean up this mess.”

HT: “Alright Mommy.”

LR: “That’s ok; I’ll help you clean it.”

LX: “I’ll help too. Wouldn’t want to have any of that mess on my side of the room.”

HT: Thanks. I’m sorry for yelling.

Lauren: “Don’t worry about it. You can use my hairbrush anytime.

Alexis: “Go ahead and take my crème colored v-neck. I know you like it. Besides its so last season, anyway.”

Heather: “I love you guys!”

Mother: “Thank you girls. Please try to keep it down. ”

A fight. Been fascinated with the idea/creation a fight since last summer. Tossed a few different scenes about but nothing came of it. The initial idea had to be preferably between siblings. Came close to this once in Taste in Men. The bickering between sisters over the phone. Sisters quarrel. I have two and understand this firsthand very well. Being told many times: keep it down and to a minimum. With age comes wisdom. Sometimes all you can do and say is nothing… on both sides. Eventually tempers cool and there is no opposition. Then again, I never had brothers, but that’s an entirely different scenario. This is a bit rough. The language needs a bit more color. In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m working in dialogue again. PRACTICE. and... a little Tennessee Williams.

“Do or Do NOT, There is no TRY!” Yoda.

Not going to say who told me that one. There is more writing. It will all come together when it is supposed to. Almost backed up an entire computer… FINALLY. And aside from the technical difficulties, working to type up more. Being on disconnect from the world has been creatively stimulating in more than one way. Back to refinishing my vanity, a new project, sculpting and possibly well… will surprise with that one later. Need to buy a bow first. Anyhow, Enjoy the story. M.

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