Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Music 49.

“The only fear I have left is the fear of not being able to create, of not having inspiration. I may fail, and this may not work but at least I’m choosing to do it. It’s not something I’m doing because I’m stuck with it. ” Marilyn Manson.

With all musicians, writers, artists, etc. there’s this notion and it is relatable across the board. Creation is a choice. Any artistic or creative person has this choice. You choose to or choose not to. It can change, and there may be moments where it’s awful and completely unrecognizable. But you accept those moments alongside the ones of perfection. The biggest challenge for any musician/artist is to find a way to harness the good & bad change and continue, regardless of internal/external circumstances. This is extremely relatable right now. Let’s unpack the ‘happy’ for a moment without being ungrateful. Thinking back to the beginning of the writing, often I was terribly frightened it would pack up and leave. Like other creative people, losing it was a real doubt. Most artists must face this fear at some time or another. Questions like, ‘What will be created once this has passed?’ and ‘How to continue?’ arise from such doubts. From my experience the writing for the past year has been unlike anything I’ve ever approached. It’s new, challenging and constantly changing. The future is uncertain, but at least for now this is what I’m doing. Pass or Fail. For the moment, I love this quote and hope it relates to anyone else. Enjoy! M.

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