Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tap Out.

Tap Out.

Tap out. You got me? Don’t worry about it. Do what you gotta do. Champ. Are you listening? I need you to focus. These two fingers right here. Follow ‘em. Go on now. Nice and slow, easy does it, just like that. Now look at me. In the eye. Alright! Come on. Are you with me? We’ve been over this before. You can take this guy. No problem hands down take him. If anything goes wrong though, I need you to tap. I can’t help you otherwise. Don’t get me wrong, you’ve got the moves. I’ve seen you zig when he zags then nail him. It’s the element of surprise that you’ve got over this guy. Whoa. Yeah that’s the move. Now hold on. Take it easy. Rinse. Spit. There you are. Hey, hey-hey, Champ. You still with me? Remember in the eye. You here. Me there. How many fingers am I holding up? None. What? HAHAHA. Always a joker. You’re full of surprises tonight. Save them for the ring. Strategy is to keep this guy on his toes. To hell with it keep everyone guessing. The less you give them the more they want. You have this in the bag. It’s just like practice, except this guy is bigger and stronger than me or Acasa. But he isn’t faster or smarter. His agility is no match for yours. You can take this round. Two words: Weak left. Yeah he’s wide open. Watch for it. You can do this. Forget that you will do this. Don’t sweat it. Rinse now spit. Good. Just keep moving.  Stay focused on what’s in front of you. If he gets too close, keep your right covered. Champ. Understand? Look at me. Eye to eye. Listen carefully. Do what you gotta, but remember… tap out.

300. Tap out. A good friend of mine is dealing with something. In my experience, you can only step back and offer what you would do in this situation. Without knowing the situation, it’s a bit trying. It’s important for everyone involved to keep perspective and not take it personal. Anyhow, today’s horoscope advised, “the only expectations you have to answer for are those you set for yourself.” You can only do what feels right for yourself.  Sometimes tapping out doesn’t mean you quit, it may mean you weren’t ready for that just yet. Keep going. Maybe next time you won’t need to. Almost felt tapped out the other day but luckily wasn’t. Came to think that perhaps there is no such thing as writers/artistic block. Sometimes getting stuck is part of the process as long as you don’t give up.

As a side note, I did hold back on that last one. Knew exactly where I wanted to take it and didn’t. Going in deeper and this revision will be different. Enjoy. m.

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