Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Going Up?

Going up?

Going up? Of course, I’ll hold it. What floor will it be? Floor 33. Oh my, you’re new in the building. I knew it. Me? Right above you. I’m 34. Can you hold my purse and bag for a sec? Thanks. You know, it may seem old-fashioned, but this is a very nice building. You will love it here. Especially with your view at the top. So, have you met anyone else in the building yet? Mr. Harrison. Uh-huh. He’s awful nosy. I’m actually not surprised you met him. Most everyone in the building is friendly unless you count Mr. Veneders. He’s an odd sort and keeps to himself. More often than not, there’s a strange odor from his floor. 5. Steer clear. Floor 10. Good day, Mrs. Allistair. Going up? Off to see Mr. Harrison? Floor 12. Have you met Floor 33? Of course you haven’t. Good day to you to. Don’t mind her. She’s not very friendly to new people. Anyways, she visits Mr. Harrison every Thursday at Noon. They talk about the hypothetical uses of tea leaves for curing Cancer. Mrs. Allistair keeps a steady rotation of three cats. I’ve lived here long enough to know a little something about everyone. Floor 17 is Ms. Grey. Such a nice woman...with a bad habit. Shh. Likes to chase the dragon. Floor 23 is the Sanderson studio. Three Painters. All quite interesting and clever. They have all sorts of people in and out of there for mostly art related things at all hours. Floor 28 is lovely Mr. Vialla and his two daughters. They’re here on some sort of refugee discharge. It’s all very hush-hush. We’re almost at your floor. What do you think? Nice. Well you will have to come up for a visit sometime. Stopping. Floor 33.

300. Elevators and a little chit-chat. Interesting things those elevators are. Some people are claustrophobic about them. I can’t imagine. Small tin box, glass box or wooden box. There was this GORGEOUS wood paneled elevator in Madrid that I adored. Have a friend that loves elevator rides. Especially those glass boxes. We would ride in almost anything that had an open view. That in itself can provide some funny stories. Anyways, sometimes you meet the most interesting people in elevators. I could tell you more than one story about such characters. All very lovely. This seems like it's little less about elevators and more about chit-chat. Ever notice how your new neighbor will show up and give you the lowdown on the neighborhood? That’s where the idea came in. Enjoy. m.

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