Saturday, May 22, 2010



Sit Down. Sit Back. Tune in. If you are lucky and I know you are, cause you’ve just stumbled upon the magic voice of the night, yours truly, Midnight Mike. Avid eavesdroppers, what’s on your mind tonight? I know what’s on mine. Let me tell you what you’re all thinking about… it’s love. Love is all you need. Come on! Isn’t that what everyone wants? A little sugar in their bowl. Preach the gospel NINA SIMONE! Some of you will lie for it. Others will cheat for it. More of you than will admit have paid for it.  A few of you might have even have killed for it. All you want is love. How do I know? Every single night someone calls about love. Let me guess you want to know: “Where is this going?” Here it is: Got an interesting call last week, after the show. I’m usually reluctant to answer. Yet this time I did. And glad I did. See on the other end of the line was this little lady. Pretty bad shape over a fight with her ol man. In a world of trouble for it too. Loved him something fierce. Enough to kill. Shot a man for her man. Sure enough he left her in the end. All alone. Crying. Mess of feelings. Standing over a dead man. What’s she to do? Tell her gently ‘to hang up and call the police’ cause it won’t be alright? Nah. She’s already broken-hearted. No sense spending 20 to life in a cage over some dead beat. Midnight Mike tells her dig a hole, buy some hydrochloric acid and start a garden. It all ain’t roses but that don’t mean you can’t find its beauty.  Signing off eavesdroppers. Check back tomorrow. Some place. In the Midnight hour.

300. Pirate Radio. Absolutely adore pirate radio. Use to listen to this amazing House music show that played from 1am-4am for years. Always had a desire to be a DJ in my youth. Anyhow, this is one of the earliest ideas for a 300. Pulled a bit of add’l inspiration from the movie, Pump Up the Volume, although it still feels a bit flimsy. Enjoy. M.

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