Thursday, May 20, 2010


Voices Carry - Til Tuesday. 

Cause it's been so very long without something else... that being The Music. If you're analyzing the song. stop. smile. laugh. Love this track... it's good and that's just simply it. Aimee Mann. Recommend. She is an amazing singer. *with Fab hair here. Ok getting to the point quickly... 

HuSH HuSH. Voiceless. Awoke without a vocal capacity today. Complaining? NO. Not at all. In fact, many will agree that this is for the best sometimes. There's good things in silence for a few hours. A little warm tea, a little honey and some ice cream later... let there be words. 

Speaking of words, there is more writing. Actually there is a slew of work accomplished and finally being typed up. Why? trying to get all the little stuff out of my head in order to be able to concentrate on bigger things. Does that make sense? 

Alright. I am playing with an idea that's from last year. It's in the spirit of the video and song. It's a fascinating thought to me that I hadn't been able to get completely out til NOW. Will explain more later.  

Aside from all that... something soon. -m.

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