Thursday, May 27, 2010

Can I bum a cigarette?

Juno Temple - Smoking c/o

Can I bum a cigarette?

Can I bum a cigarette? Kind of you to oblige an old man a smoke. How about some company while the rain passes us by? So… you from around here? Me either. Well not originally. Can you believe this weather? It’s something else. Pouring buckets I reckon. I haven’t seen a storm like this since I was a boy. Here? Yeah, it was. My family has always lived here. Grandpa built that house over on Jackson’s Square. I didn’t come to stay in these parts till I was about; well I reckon I was about your age. What are you 25? Oh thirty you say. I stand corrected. It was the summer Aunt Mildred passed away and Granny needed an extra pair of hands around the place. Never have I seen so much rain come down, as I had that summer. Storm the likes of this one came and went like clockwork. Coming and going as if it were the business of mother nature to…  Another cigarette? Oh, well don’t mind if I do. Thank you, sonny. We just don’t see this sort of weather too often. Where’d you say you were from? You didn’t. Then spit it out... Wyoming. Don’t know much about the weather in those parts. Not the same? I bet you’re right. I do know a fellow that sells cars out that way. You probably never heard of him. Runs a place called Fireside Autos out of the… YEAH! I’ll be. From the TV commercials. That’s mighty small in the world. Funny fellow isn’t he? Selling things his whole life. Another smoke? No sonny, that’s awful generous. Rain looks like it’s winding down to a drizzle. Means, I best be going. You go on now and enjoy this weather since there’s nothing like it at home.

300. Getting out of the rain. Ever have a random chat with a stranger over nothing? Can honestly say, I have. It’s nice to hear about someone’s anecdote, trip, etc. Most recent was with a woman at the blood bank talking about her trip to the coast. Lovely. All the details that require questions are left aside with only the story. This is newer. The older … is not entirely still on paper, but not ready. Trying to get more up... For now, Enjoy. M.

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