Thursday, May 27, 2010


Being an author is like being in charge of your own personal insane asylum.  ~Graycie Harmon

So it is, in some respects and isn’t in others. Came across this from another writer and thought it to be an unique take on the process. When amidst a project there are different voices and personalities living in your head. Each one, no less great than another and as in real life, having their own particularities and peculiarities about them. However all are necessary to the finished product. This is what used to put me off about working in length. Living with these characters and learning to understand what makes them work. Even if its only for a brief instant. Short doesn’t quite mean less developed. In fact, the most complex of the characters seem to be living in the shortest pieces. If you understand a character, you know what it will say or do. Understanding a voice puts it in perspective.

Working in length again. It has been interesting in a good way. Building upwards. Research for the future pieces has been, by far, the hardest part this time. The largest, most daunting of the pieces, can not be like anything else I’ve accomplished before, and development of the characters/world has become a new fascination.  Juggling the ‘shorter’ seems to calms the urge to abandon the current piece. Best ideas & movement comes when focusing on something else entirely. In fact, the shorts inspired the current piece.

Something older/newer will be up later. M.

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