Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Jeff Wall


One, possibly two rooms left to create and I can't turn my head. Wanting to be done cause I need break. BUT! I'm going to try VERY hard to get something up tonight. I'm working on getting finished. Excited to have that up instead of 'THIS' because it feels limiting. AND... there is another project that has come up that will not be approached in same way. Pen name? I've already started dropping hints In my work as I won't be directly promoting it. I'm super excited. It will be FUN! Again should be this next few months. Look out later for something.

Read don't read. Enjoy don't enjoy. Love the work don't love the work. Hate don't hate. All of that isn't why I'm writing or creating. I love doing these things. I'm going to continue to keep going for myself as deep down I always have been. But I do enjoy sharing and when others enjoy. kisses. m.

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