Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Music 46.


There is no friend like MUSIC

When has the music ever let you down? Think about it. Never. Today this felt appropriate as it's very much related to my task at hand. I always go back to thinking the music is so identifiable to people on so many levels. It soothes the troubled mind and broken soul. Enriches the intricate canvas of a beautiful life. Heartbreaks mend a little quicker. Happiness is even richer. Even when you can't go back anymore, music will provide a temporary place of sanctuary in the world. People relate to that feeling and embrace a sense of belonging to the world at large through a sense of music. So occasionally when I meet someone who says 'I'm not really into music' I try to imagine, without judgement, how they relate to the world. I need music, it needs me, it needs you, it needs her, it needs him and it needs them. Musicians keep writing the songs that tell my story, their story, our story and so on. Life's lost/found moments wouldn't be the same without your sound. ; )


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