Sunday, April 18, 2010

Can's and Can'ts.

Can’s and Can’ts.

Everyone has this list. Things that they can and the things they can not. For some people one list may outweigh the other. Now you can go on and be miserable about the things you can’t do or you can concentrate on the ones you can. I’m inclined to say do what you can and when the time is right, that other list will still be there to tackle. Right now, I gave myself permission to go on creative hiatus for a couple days. This is never truly a break as I continue to scribble notes on napkins, type drafts into my phone and write/draw things onto my hands or other body parts to remind myself of an idea (MEMENTO). See I was feeling terribly overwhelmed by the things I can’t accomplish and it was clouding my ability to concentrate on those I could.

To explain? I can not get a job, (and I continue to try!) but I have free time. In that free time I can re-organize my living spaces, I can get into better shape, I can focus on encouraging my artistic abilities, etc. I can’t go on working in my room, but I can branch out into other room spaces and create. I can’t at this moment create the type of site I want for the writing, but for the time being I can create my other writing project. And for the record, I almost put up ‘just anything,’ but decided that wouldn’t be acceptable. It isn’t what others think, it is what you tell yourself. You know? I’ve begun planning the exact design and it will take some learning and assistance, but I will accomplish what I set out to do. There is a deadline too.

“Give me time and I will change the world.” Can’t tell you who said it but let’s simplify that thought. I was reading another person’s forum topic on a ‘certain’ website and they listed a ‘TOP FIVE ways to change my life’ by xx/xx/2010 and it got me wondering. Seriously think about it for a minute. In a matter of set time what would you like to accomplish? Be honest with yourself. What can you reasonably accomplish? Don’t be ridiculously foolish. Now you can’t learn to fly an airplane or spaceship in a month without the proper resources. However, you can learn to play the piano in about thirty or sixty days. Well at least one song. This thought made me go back a couple of years and think about what I wanted and whether I obtained it.

Five things I wanted two years ago:

  1. I wanted to leave my job cause I was unhappy and unfulfilled.
-I no longer have that job and the opportunity to look for a more rewarding one.

  1. I wanted to be able to spend more time with my family at holiday and birthdays.
-I have plenty of time to spend with my family and haven’t missed an event yet.

  1. I wanted the liberties I once took for granted restored.
- I now have my freedom to do as I please and take nothing for granted anymore.

  1. I wanted to be able to do something creatively every day that made me happy.
- I write every day and this brings me a great deal of joy.

  1. I wanted to see the world outside of my own. Most importantly go to Paris.
- I was able to see the world and go to Paris, although it was brief. I will go back and spend a year writing there. Who knows? Maybe next year?

What did you once want? Did you accomplish it? What do you want now? How are you going to accomplish this? All are questions for the internal psyche. What comes next? “Give me time and I will change the world.” The rest of the room/tales will be up this week. As will some others. I may have a full week of writing to post. Anyhow… Have a great night. M.

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