Friday, March 19, 2010

Now the future...

Now the future...

Come in my child. Don’t be afraid. Yes! Of course I knew you were coming. Madam Szecha knows and sees all. Nothing escapes my eyes. Enter the mystical world of the unknown. Let your mind wander into realms of… Oh it’s you. From the phone. That? The front door has a bell. Sorry about the whole dog and pony show. It’s for the people who need the mystique of the supernatural. I’m glad you made it. Let me switch off the sign and we can begin. No interruptions. Have a seat. I understand that you want your palm read. I can only point out what’s in the lines. No further. The question of future? That is different. Like we discussed. Did you bring what I asked for? Fresh. Cut clean. The blood drained into a mason jar?  Let’s have it. Perfect. How old? Twelve weeks. Even better. If you are squeamish look away. Knives and blood make awful messes. Not as bad as stomach contents. Two quick slices and a little drip drip. Aha! I’ve got it. Give me your hand. Your life is far from short. Your walk to death’s door will be after many decades pass. You’ve had many loves, but none were genuinely true. Not to worry. You are surrounded. These aren’t your questions. Wait. It’s your palm. The blood? Will make sense soon. Let me finish. You are wealthy in ways others are not. There is a dark path that must be endured. These three lines, they join in an arrow, are connected to each other. Without one the others can not be. Now the future… But how can this be? Destiny is mine and not yours. You are here for my… my... NO! Anything. Not that. But the blood never lies. Madam Szecha sees all.

300. Fortune Teller. Have you ever had your future read? Palm. Cards. Tea leaves. I have. There are people in my family that can do this. It’s interesting. Not really? I could tell you some stories though. When I started the 300’s I was planning to create… well it’s a number. Lightly put, I’m not finished. There are more and will be more. Right now I’m getting ready to start on another couple of different ideas. One is a very dark piece that… I’m not worried about getting lost in it. Oddly enough you can thank Rufus Wainwright for the push. Will explain when I post it. All I will say is ‘unstable.’ The other piece is another short story. I’m not sure on the length yet. I’m surprised it didn’t occur to me earlier. It’s really something that should have come last year. One more for the week? Possibly. I don’t know. Enjoy. M.

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