Sunday, March 21, 2010


Joker's Wild Card. 2010.

"5 card draw... Joker's wild." The Joker. Quoting my own work now... there's a story or few hiding. M.

5 days. 5 rooms. 5 stories. Getting ready to start an intense art project. It marks the first time i've tried to combine my abilities in any way. I'm excited and nervous. will it be up this week? gonna try. here's the thing... been trying to get work in the decorating or staging aspect of design and getting a whole lot of rejection. my ego hurt enough already, and now this. haha. it's not the same. anyhow made a few connections, but no work. during all this someone said to me "what can you do?" like where's your book? So I'm borrowing an old trick or too from my film, art and design days to... well you'll see. M.

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