Thursday, March 18, 2010



Doubt. A tricky and awkward thing. It’s that whisper in the back of your mind that wants to knock you off track. The reason people get cold feet at the altar, walk away from commitments, and run from taking risks. Do not doubt yourself. Hold firm. Even when the world seems to have failed you, you must not fail yourself. No Money. You are prosperous in this life. Funds have always come when they are needed. You may never be the wealthiest person, but riches are not always measured in money. No Love. You are loved in this life. First and foremost love yourself enough to believe you are loved by others. Keep giving and receiving the love of others and you won’t regret it. No Direction. You are never completely lost in this life. You are exactly where you need to be at this moment. It won’t be for too long or forever. Nothing happens instantly. Don’t waste energy fretting over it or lose focus. Most of all don’t give up and stand still. Keep pushing forward. Opportunities come and go. Jobs or what not. Make sure you jump at every one of them. Another is coming, even if you can not see it yet. Be ready for it. Then leap. No Happiness. Your life is filled with happiness. Happiness is in your life every moment of every day. There are a million reasons to be happy. Start with the small stuff. Alive. Healthy. Freedom. Home. Family. If you can’t see it, keep chasing after happiness. You won’t be sorry. No Hope. You always have hope. Even in the bleakest of moments when you have nothing there it is. Every day has the promise of something new… that’s hope. Don’t lose it. Keep hoping. Stop doubting. Start believing. Do not be suspicious of everything and everyone. Not everything is just black and white or all in color. Not everyone wants to hurt you. It won’t always make sense. But like a Picasso with its unusual intricacies you must trust yourself and believe that it’s still art. That it’s not all craziness. Sometimes believing means taking a risk. A risk some won’t understand. Risks are worth taking though. Believe in others. Most importantly believe in yourself. Take a chance on you. Guaranteed someone out there believes in you too. Believe.

Some days are good. Some days are bad. But it’s OK. Ask the Dalai Lama. Few hundred $ in the bank. Not all the bills are paid for the month. Love is all around and should be in the heart. Welcome it. Hold onto it. Job prospects are slim here, there and anywhere for everyone. Answering machine and inbox are full of a lot of ‘NO’s.’ Remember it only takes one ‘YES.’ Alive. Freedom. Roof. Family. Happiness is everlasting. Not a lot of fun in a long time. No worries. Cause it will change. Hope is constant. Take a risk… Believe. M.

*I needed a pep talk. Figured someone else could benefit too.

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