Friday, January 29, 2010

The Music 44.

The best musicians are desperate men. You’ve got to have something bothering you to be good at what you’re creating. People take music very personally. There’s something about music that makes you put your fingerprints on it.

-Bruce Springsteen. Spectacle w/ Elvis Costello.

Little known fact... I'm a huge fan of Springsteen. Caught Spectacle - the two piece thing on IFC. Love when people talk about their craft. Especially musicians, writers & some designers . Sometimes I think it's cause I understand the motivation from these sorts of artists. This particular bit struck a chord with me. I think this is one of the few times where I'm going to expand that thought though. I think that with anything that is created Music, Art, or Literature it's very personal and affects people on this level that makes them OWN it. You know, BRAND it within. Say: "That song is mine, that book is my bible or that painting/photograph speaks to me. All these things know me like they were already in my head too." Music is probably the most accessible to people and an easily translatable art form. It is why so people are able to grasp at its message and relate. People need to have something that understands and that can identify the similar emotion within them. Music universally is that answer. For tonight... I love this bit. Hope you do too! m.

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