Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Sad Story.

Elton John - Sad Songs

I've been contemplating working on a sad tale. Sad, may be the wrong word, in fact it probably is. It's all I can come up with to explain. Well, an interesting conversation a week back, with my little sister set it spinning. She was reminding me that everyone's got that sad tale in their past. "It's how we all got to the place we are today. Whether that's a good place or bad place. Something that pulls at everyone in a completely life-changing way. Maybe it isn't what made you, but it didn't destroy you either." 
As when you think about it destruction begets creation. In order to become who you are today you have to destroy who you used to be. If you're curious this was supposed to be a motivational conversation.  However it had me thinking & discussing... The homeless man wasn't always a pauper, the prostitute may have been somebody's mother in a previous life, the prisoner was a good man before his life of crime and the orphan once had a family. Needless to say everyone has an origin and you have to wonder what made them. Some of those beginnings may have happened to be challenging... Hence a sad story, a tale of despair and adversity.

Truth be told a couple of sad stories was how this discussion came about. Sad story #1: I thought I'd cut off my own arm. Sad story#2: I thought I ripped out my own heart. And potential Sad Story #3: I think I've lost everything.

Anyhow, you won't see the sad one until at least next a week or two, that's the earliest. It probably won't make an appearance for some time. There's new stories, but not tonight, tomorrow is more likely. kisses. m.

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