Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sleep: Dreams & Nightmares 13

Science of Sleep
Director: Michel Gondry

Alright, I can't explain. But, I'm pretty sure I did in fact, almost lose myself mentally back there somewhere and there's just no way to come back from that without feeling a wreck. Slowly, but surely I've been working my way back. I would share all of the creepy, but I'm certain that there's not ONE human out there that would believe me. Let's just chalk it up to sleep deprivation and call it a day. I have a whole bunch of new theories on lack of sleep and the types of neuroses' one can develop from that mess after a few interesting conversations. And I firmly believe that men and women handle lack of sleep so INCREDIBLY different. Anyway, this is a trailer from the movie "Science of Sleep." A very fascinating film about dreams, imagination and reality... and where they meet in between. OR not really? I don't know, I'm still slightly hallucinating here and there between catching up on ZZZ's. It's by one of my favorite directors, Michel Gondry, so of course I love it! enjoy. kisses. m.

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