Thursday, September 10, 2009


Drive - The Cars

Crazy? A little more before I lay off of this tangent and go back to writing. Which there may be another tale up later (auto related - Drive). Then again I don't know because I've been trying out TV shows this week. I'm not a big TV person as in regularly scheduled. Tonight is Vampire Diaries, which I will give a shot, to see if I like it. If it's anything like True Blood I will.

Anyhoo, I will share a little of "my crazy" despite the reality that it's going to scare some of you and you're never going to read any of my drivel ever again. Maybe? The moment of truth when I knew I needed to take 25 steps back from EVERYTHING: The TV, radio, and newspaper started talking back. Not literally but along those lines of hallucinations. The paper can't talk back so that's complete BS on my part, but like the TV, there was a few hidden conspiracies in the words. Ever heard of that? There were codes printed in newspapers back in WWII for spies and propaganda. Now I love to let my inner wild loose, but I've never let my mind runaway from me so badly. Why? Sleep. Lack of. Finally sleep became mandatory and writing had to get put away for a week, I think it's been a week now. But I'm feeling a little less paranoid, no WWIII, so I've resumed the creativeness. Thought about this video and "The Cars' cause the girl is insane. (and I've felt a tinge of real insane!) Lovely song and love 'The Cars'. My favorite album cover has to be Candy-O. I've digressed. kisses. m.

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