Monday, July 20, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are.


One of my all time favorite books as a child. Cause we're all a little wild inside.


I love this so very very much and CAN NOT wait for the movie. Been waiting years for this project to come out! It's something I'm completely loving and looking forward to so I'm sharing it once again. And it's sort of related to where I'm at right now. Look, I'm sorry for the time being there won't always be stories. I'm still sorting out where this is all going right now. Which brings me to where and what I'm writing or rather challenging myself with next. I've gotten a small request. By small I mean, from a child. I'm planning to write a story specifically for a child. I'm told that it is really unfair that we have to be a child sometimes. I think that its a bit unfair that we have to grow up sometimes.

Anyhow, I am returning from forcibly taking a mini break. There's been no writing for a couple days.  I'm antsy and feening. The setting of deadlines was the best thing for me. The idea of producing/editing daily in order to create gave me a sense of urgency which was the thing I'd been lacking. Again, there will be more, I've gotten a dozen more things I'm in the midst of fleshing out. AND I really do enjoy myself, regardless if anyone really appreciates any of the fiction, it makes me happy. M.

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