Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Am I too? Am I late?

Who’s got it figured out?
play dumb, play dead, play straight

The Dead Weather "Treat Me Like Your Mother"

Looks like fun. Fun for me perhaps. But I'm a little wild. Remember? Anyhow I've changed my hair again. Black. And this is the inspiration for the color. Love her hair!! My only real wish: my hair was longer ALREADY! My hairdresser says: lots of water - check, lots of protein - double check, and get some sleep - CHECK! Well the hair's not growing, I'm not dreaming lately and sleep seems pointless. Anyhow I was thinking of an homage to this little ol gun battle. In real time. And perhaps I'll take up the smokes again? Not likely. Do you think the death sticks are cool. Eh? Of course I'm writing. Just taking up time and sorting out the "crazy" in my brain. There are a lot of things I'm in the middle of, which pretty much means I've lost my sh*t mentally and keeping it together for my 9 to 5 and little bit after that. Expect something devilish eventually. I'm working on a semi-funny one too. No there is NOT a vampire story. I would never. Never. Well that's my stance right now. There's far too much of that already out there. But... there is a soldier story from a while back. It may make its way up amongst other things. I kinda want to return to some other things as well. I don't know at all anymore what's real or not. I'm overwhelmed but really happy and well I am crazy with inspiration, so you know? M.

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