Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Phone Tap.

How you know you've slept too much... you're up @ 3 am trying to watch the tube, keep a clear head and desperately wanting more than anything just to fall back to sleep. I've caved in... it's 7 am and I'm playing online... for now.

Phone Tap - The Firm

Phone Tap. What can I say? I'm in the mood. Feeling it? You aren't! Shame, shame shame on you. Well, I'm getting a new phone today, so it manifests and... voila! Still? That's ok then. 

This it's one of those videos from the 90s that had a plot-line and a unique concept based off the album. I've always liked this track cause of the sample and the video didn't really hurt my impression at all. The sample: "Petite Fleur" by Chris Barber's Jazz Band. Which as far as I can tell is on quite a few tracks out there. Another one of my favorite tracks "So Emotional" - Carl Thomas f/Faith Evans uses the sample. Anyhow I'm playing catch up for the next few days... who am i really kidding? I feel better so of course I'll be playing, but catching up? Really now. kisses. m.

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