Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Music 26.

About to do things a bit different on this one. We'll see where this goes. Who knows? Photobucket
Amnesiac - Radiohead

Amnesiac. Radiohead. One of the few albums out there that has an immediate effect on my mood. Radiohead has alway been this really great band to me. I say that with fondness. [I have all the albums and quite a few other things too.] But several years back (about 7-8 years ago), long story short, Amnesiac entered my life and happens to be this piece of music that I can put on... that completely calms me down. NO MATTER WHAT. I can't say the where, how, why or what exactly it does... but it's definitely something unique. Think about it. What music calms you down? Shuts it all down? Rips you back into reality. This is mine.

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