Monday, March 23, 2009


Hit. In. Love. 

It's hits you... You're in love. No choice. You didn't ask for. But it can't be helped. Like a train wreck. And you're the aftermath. The mess that's left.

Hit - Sugarcubes

Amidst the intensity. In Love. Not wanting to share it with anyone else. Not holding anything back. Open and willing to give everything if not anything.

Pagan Poetry - Bjork

It's intense. Fiery. Passionate. Burning bright. Is it enough? Weathering storms. All too soon things come crashing down. Over. Alone again.

Possibly Maybe - Bjork

Dedicated to those who enjoy the game and continue to put themselves through the pain of heartache all for the love of someone that is true. Don't give up. Kisses. m.

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