Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bang your head against the wall.

I should be! [insert picture here] haha! I used to joke about beating my head against a wall for inspiration. Well I'm at the point, it couldn't hurt. J/K! Seriously!

Artistic block? I don't know. It's kinda like writer's block but the whole lack of inspiration for writing, well in my case it's spilled over onto EVERYTHING! Nothing. I've got nothing. It relatively new to me, cause there's always been something floating around the back of my head waiting to emerge. I could blame alot of little things...

Like my new haircut for one. I'm thinking of that story where the guys strength lies in his hair and its cut off. No more strength. Just maybe those last few inches I had, were keeping me inspired. *giggle* I know, that's not it.

Or the lack of new music. But I can't keep myself from chain listening. It's a sickness and really twisted. I've only met one other person that openly admitted to chain listening. And I know for a fact that he didn't make events out of it like I do. Yes, I've been doing it again! I can't HELP it. I spent Monday afternoon indulging myself to 2 hours of listening to just one song. Want to know the name of that song? "The Sadness- Ryan Adams" Why only 2 hours? I forced myself to stop it cause it was messing up my mood and not healthy. Why that song? I don't know, it just sounded SO good at the moment with the instruments and vocals. AND it wasn't enough either. I spend Tues & Wed listening some more. I'm not saying how long cause it's still sick, but granted it wasn't as long as my first marathon. But in rotation of some other fun stuff.

"I love being a writer. What I can't stand is the paperwork." Peter De Vries.

Well, I love being a designer, it's just the clutter I can't stand. AHA! The real apparent culprit seems to be my current design project. I am trying to finish my room and I've had to set limits; give myself definitions and restrictions. In other words, I have to follow a game plan. These restrictions keep me in line. Designers should never, repeat here, work on their own space. It's been a year + and definitely not a labor of love. The colors haven't changed, but the furniture and bedding has about 10 times. It's all those little things you would never let a client get away with. Well, those little things slide and become overlooked. I go off on tangents. For now the bedding, the furnishings are pretty much chosen and the trims are almost completely done. It's just that I'm impatient, tired, and trying to accomplish it all in one day. So for now back to my Frustration, and hitting that wall.

Here's what I'm listening to Today:

Ceremony - New Order

...if you can imagine it, I like to sing along to this one. But I don't know the words and it's actually just the music that I like to sing to. Don't worry it's not supposed to make sense. ( I can just see an old friend of mine falling out his chair laughing after reading this if he ever does, cause I don't admittedly sing. haha. Honestly old friend if you ever stop by sometime I'll sing my version for you. Promise.)

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