Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Away. (#2)

Away. (#2)

John, I write these words with a deep breath and a heavy heart.

Although it made no sense when they came for you, it now brings me a great deal of grief to understand the circumstances that have kept you away. Each moment that you are away brings me closer to knowing a life without you in it. There are too many people with too many answers. Something about all these answers never complete the questions asked. Their words run in circles. It can not be changed or helped.

Please John, do not stay longer than you are needed. By word of their news indicates that you are of assistance to a greater cause. A cause that… its importance fully escapes me although I understand that there could be nothing more important than helping the people. That is why it pains me to hear a contradiction in their words that this only a means for extermination. The media provides a contradiction to their words yet they keep saying them to me while you are away. The people march and rally against the cause, and your work for it. ‘People need cures for diseases, not cures for living’ is what the signs read as they picket the street. The voices of opposition continue to reinforce that your work is meant to divide instead unite and ultimately exterminate the unwanted masses.

I can’t help but question the intent in their higher purpose when I hear these words backing the revolutionaries cause. This speaks of dissent in the governmental structure and the deep need to control the masses. The impact of the media divides the masses into factions.  There is word of the bombings in the Southern Regions and I can not understand what that has to do with your work. Or why these people would die to eliminate a cure? How could an honest man be responsible for the monstrous crimes they’ve accused you of? The work was helping others. The alkalizing agent couldn’t hurt anyone. It was an identifier. All of these circumstances make no connection to a larger threat.

And John, it gives me no pleasure to share with you that things have grown dire for the others involved. There’s been no word for Ana. Alfred seems to have vanished completely after his arrest at the lab. She looks even weaker since their son began treatments for the sickness. John, they’ve sentenced the others and their families to death without trial. Adam’s wife and daughters were sent out two days after he…

My love, I worry for your future and I won’t speak of this further. Your last message indicated that you are well. I can only hope this to be true in that it does more damage to hear that you are in pain.

Love, find the strength to endure and make it home. To us. Your family. Our daughters. They’ve grown so much since you’ve been away. Greta has practically leaped into three more inches in the last six months. Addie our little bookworm, she’s teaching the baby to read. It sounds impossible, but Nola is actually picking up quickly. The two spend hours reading together beneath the old shade tree. John, they are beautiful and you are missing too much. I can not bear to think that they continue to grow without knowing you. There’s only hope that will return you home quickly. The time that you were here is almost a distant memory.

John, while you are away know that I love you and our life will come back together. We can look forward to the days when you are home once again. There will be many to look ahead to.


Letters. Away. #2. When you’re away, do you write home? Oh yes emails. But let’s think outside of that.  How about letters or postcards? Can you remember the last post you received the old fashioned way? On occasion I still correspond via letter. It’s lovely. Postcards are fun too, but that is for another time. Life has a funny way of keeping you away from what you need to be doing on occasion. Instead of fighting with it, go along for the ride. Enjoy it. You never know what may happen. Enjoy. kisses. m. 

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