Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Like a friend.

Like a friend.

It’s late. I hope he’s home.
Oh you are home. I’m sorry it’s late. 
He’s always home. Not surprising.
Wow. He’s in a mood. Quiet. No hug. Distracted. Hmm?
Of course. So is that how you say hello?
What was he doing? I see. Guitar. Cigarettes.
Yeah. You’re playing the guitar. Huh? Why did I come over?
I’m lonely and scared of being alone forever. But I’m not telling him that.
I couldn’t sleep and I kept thinking of you.
He looks unconvinced.
I’m going to take one of his cigarettes.
No. I didn’t quit. Why do you ask? Oh Jeremiah. Last week’s trash. Not like you. I miss you.
Of course he misses me. I can see it in his eyes.
Oh I love that song. You always play it for me.
He’s playing that song again. It’s for shit. I hate when he sings to me.
I’m not going to fall in love because of some stupid song.
Oh god! I said it out loud. He’s pissed.
 I should go.

It’s late. I can’t stop thinking about her.
Knock. Knock. It’s her.
Why don’t you come in?
She’s standing there looking amazing. I'll leave the door open. Maybe she'll come in.
Look, I’m in the other room if you want to…
Oh god, did I tell her she looks good? I think so. She’s irritated. Why did she come over?
Yeah. Guitar. Smoking. Rock n roll lifestyle. What brings you over? It’s late.
She’s lying. I don’t care.
Thinking of me. Really?
She’s here. Talking to me. Taking a cig.
Hey, didn’t you quit smoking?
She’s still pretending he isn’t around. Missing me. That’s cute. I’ll keep playing. She’s loves this song.
What the f***?
I knew she was playing me.
Yeah.  Get out.
Til next time.

300. Like a Friend. Inspired ala a Pulp song. Somehow, it always struck me as a conversation. Although this is not how I envision the video. It’s one of the few songs I see visually. There’s a list. *And not all girls/women are like this before I get the riot act from some close friends. We are not all the same in some respects... Anyhow, I’m amidst another idea that is completely down a different track and trying to work out some other ideas. enjoy. m.

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