Wednesday, August 4, 2010



Mr. Lindey.

We regret to inform you that the nature of this communication bears unpleasant news. Stop. Please review the follow message thoroughly before responding. Stop. We continue to be aware of the circumstances for your request. Stop. Please do not re-submit another form. Stop. It is understandable that you wish to return the item in question. Stop. Currently we are unable to comply with that request. Stop.

Glassman Jewelers.

Be aware that I’ve filed two additional claims. Stop. There is no additional need for this merchandise. Stop. Please allow for the immediate return of said merchandise. Stop. The engagement has been broken and there will be no wedding. Stop. Being the holder of a diamond wedding ring is without purpose. Stop. I am prepared to provide additional compensation for the return. Stop. Please waive your standard return policy. Stop. These circumstances continue to be troubling. Stop. I find that it is necessary to return the specified merchandise. Stop. At this time I would like to inquire of a possible solution. Stop. Can an alternative arrangement be reached? Stop.


The specified merchandise is classified non-returnable. Stop. Customized jewelry is sold with a guarantee that prohibits returns. Stop. The diamond ring you purchased and modified multiple times falls into the nature of customized purchases. Stop. You agreed to the terms in the contract. Stop. We further regret to inform you that this policy is not amendable. Stop. Again the circumstances of the return are not a factor. Stop. Broken commitments do not fall into the category of a necessary return. Stop. Unfortunate as it may seem your request is denied. Stop. However, arrangements for exchange can be made. Stop.  In the event an arrangement of exchange can not be made a credit will be placed upon your account. Stop.


300. Telegram. Currently there are two telegram pieces. One is from the earlier ‘300’s and it hasn’t made its way up. This is newer. Broken commitments. Such a shame. In light of the world at large one would think they ought to do away with marriage in the current form and people should redefine how their unions are established. I think if people are going to spend the rest of their life with someone, they should just do it. Married or not doesn’t change the structure of the commitment. Oh, and I’m not against marriage. Just the fuss of civil rights. Anyhow, digressed. enjoy. m. 

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